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Black mold on drywall from previous water damage

Previous Mold Growth Found in Norton Shores, MI Basement

This Norton Shores homeowner called SERVPRO of Muskegon after their water heater went out and they had three inches of standing water in their basement.  Our technicians responded quickly extracting the water and then having to remove the wall paneling on the exterior wall.  While removing the paneling they discovered mold growth from a previous water damage that was not properly mitigated.  These homeowners were happy with their decision to call us because the mold growth probably would have been ten times worse without proper mitigation.

Close up of white fuzzy mold on wall

Undetected Sink Drain Line Leak in Muskegon, MI

When a drain pipe becomes separated behind a ceiling or wall, it can take a little while to realize you have water damage.  This homeowner in Muskegon called us right away after noticing some water damage to their basement ceiling.  When our technicians opened up the wall, white fuzzy and black mold greeted them.  Our technicians were able to remediate the mold damage in three days.

Extensive mold growth on clothing and basement walls

Extensive Mold Growth in Muskegon, MI Basement

This Muskegon homeowner is a disabled veteran that rarely gets down to the basement.  After a discharge pipe from the master bathroom shower broke, they found that the sump pump had backed previously and had affected a large portion of the basement.  Since the damage went unnoticed, a significant amount of mold growth impacted the structure and contents.  Many of the homeowners valuable possessions we were able to salvage and restore, making him extremely appreciative.

Soot stained ceiling tiles before and after cleaning

Grease Fire at Muskegon Heights, MI Restaurant

Full grease traps are a common cause of restaurant fires.  This restaurant in Muskegon Heights fell victim and knew to let the PRO's handle the cleanup.  Our Certified Technicians used SERVPRO Orange Plus to clean the ceiling tiles in this photo.  Our goal is to help businesses get back to doing business as soon as possible. 

Glass slider door behind drywall exposed after technicians cut flood line

Hidden Slider Door in Newaygo, MI Basement

A big surprise to our technicians was this slider glass door in a Newaygo basement when they were demoing after a flood.  We guess the last homeowners just didn't want to use it anymore?!

Imprint of hammer on wet/dirty carpet

Hammer Imprint in Norton Shores, MI Basement

Who knew hammers could keep your carpet dry and clean?!  One of our Certified Technicians snapped this picture in a Norton Shores home after a heavy rainfall when their basement bedroom re-flooded. We were able to quickly dry out this space helping to make it "Like it never even happened."

Extensive mold on wall

Extensive Mold Growth in North Muskegon, MI Guest House

To the surprise of these North Muskegon homeowners, their guest house had been damaged by a pipe break in the ceiling.  Not using the house on a regular basis, they were not sure when the break happened.  The drywall walls and other others were saturated.  Since proper drying was not done, the water damage turned into extensive mold damage. The wall displayed had cabinets installed on it which meant no airflow was able to be applied, speeding up growth of the mold.  Our technicians safely did demo, effectively dried out the affected areas, and remediated the mold.

Water on floor of boutique

Water Damage to Muskegon, MI Boutique

This was just one portion of the damage to a boutique after a toilet supply line broke in a multi-unit commercial building.  Our technicians wasted no time cleaning and restoring all of the affected areas so the owners wouldn't miss out on too many sales.  We make disasters "Like it never even happened."

Mountain Dew bottle inside of wall

Surprise At A Norton Shores, MI Home

During a water damage sometimes walls need to be cut to dry effectively.  One of our technicians stumbled upon this Mountain Dew bottle in a Norton Shores home during a water restoration.  We don't know if builders hid items in walls on purpose or are just not recollect where they misplaced things!

Mold found on hardwood floor in bedroom

Water Damage Leads To Mold in Norton Shores, MI Rental Home

This rental property suffered major water damage when their tenants moved out and switched all their utilities to their new home, leaving the home freezing cold causing a water pipe to burst in the upper level bedroom.  Mold was found on the hardwood floor in the upper level bedroom due to not correctly mitigating the water damage.

Paint peeling from excessive moisture after water damage

Paint Peeling in New Era, MI Farm House

When water gets through coats of paint it will detach from the surface causing cracks and peeling.  This farm house in New Era suffered a major water damage from a broken bathroom pipe while away.  The excessive moisture caused the painted wall to start cracking and peeling.

Majorly bowed flooring from water damage and door bowed from having to break it to get into room

Kitchen Sink Leak Leads to Major Water Damage in Montague, MI

Nothing can stop our technicians from mitigating water damage!  Not even this swelled and bowed vinyl laminate flooring from a kitchen sink leak that traveled to the bathroom.  One of our Crew Chiefs carefully broke the door, with permission from the homeowner, to access the bathroom and be able to assess the extent of damage.

Water stained drywall walls from water damage

Water Stained Walls in Lakewood Club Home

Water staining on drywall walls usually appears from a plumbing leak or from water that has come through the ceiling and hasn't been dried out properly.  These leaks leave behind mineral deposits which are dry, discolored and sometimes smell.  In this Lakewood Club home, multiple frozen pipes burst while the homeowners were away resulting in heavy water staining on the drywall walls and some surface mold growth on the ceiling.

Mold on pressboard subfloor after major water damage

Mold Forming on Pressboard Subfloor in Ravenna, MI

Water always wants to find the lowest point.  In a water damage it penetrates any crevice or path that will facilitate its downward flow.  This home in Ravenna suffered a severe water damage from frozen pipes.  Even with vinyl laminate water seeped through the floor affecting the pressboard subfloor.  Since the water sat a couple of weeks mold growth started to form.  Because of the extensive damage our technicians had to remove the subfloor.

Mold growing on wall

Fridge Line Leak in Norton Shores Home

Fridge line leaks are usually slow and not detected until it's too late.  Mold growth can start in as little as 24 to 48 hours under certain conditions.  This home in Norton Shores found their leak after noticing wet carpet in their master bedroom, which is alongside the kitchen.  The line had been leaking long enough for mold to start growing on the drywall wall in the bedroom and spread to the backside of the kitchen wall. 

Never try to tackle mold yourself.  SERVPRO of Muskegon technicians are trained and have the proper equipment and protective gear to remediate mold properly.

Infestation of ants behind drywall

Surprise in North Muskegon Home After Water Damage

Recently we were called to a home in North Muskegon for severe water damage from frozen pipes bursting.  The homeowners are snowbirds and were away for the winter.  The bright side of all the devastation was one of our Crew Chiefs found an infestation of ants behind the drywall, alive and running throughout, that the homeowners knew nothing about.  They were able to get that taken care of before reconstruction.

Moldy drywall in basement of Montague home

Moldy Basement Walls in Montague, MI

Some home fixes are better off leaving them to the pros.  This homeowner in Montague had a cracked shower floor that had been leaking into the basement for a bit before realizing.  They ended up cleaning up the water themselves but did not dry it out properly, leading to moldy drywall.  Our Certified Technicians were able to remediate the mold growth properly and swiftly. 

Nicotine stained wall in process of being cleaned

Nicotine Stained Wall in Twin Lake Home

Years of smoking in a home leads to yellowed walls, like this home in Twin Lake.  This photo is the progression of cleaning.  Our technicians were able to clean up the walls making them look almost brand new again!  

Melted lightbulb

Fire Caused by a Cigar in Cloverville, MI

This homeowner in Cloverville was enjoying a cigar in bed before turning in for the night.  He never thought his relaxing routine would turn into a nightmare.  This lightbulb is the aftermath of ashes falling on the sheets and catching fire.

If your home or business has suffered fire damage, call SERVPRO of Muskegon, 231-733-7601, we are Here to Help®

Classroom vandalized with water damage and paint

Muskegon School Vandalism

Usually when you think of SERVPRO you think water damage restoration, mold remediation, or fire damage restoration.  This school in Muskegon thought of SERVPRO of Muskegon when they learned that one of their closed schools was vandalized.  Our technicians acted fast to extract water to minimize damage and set drying equipment to prevent mold growth.

Large paint bubble on wall from water damage

Paint Bubble in North Muskegon Facility

Bubbling occurs when water collects behind paint and pools, stretching the paint on the surface.  Never pop a bubble as large as this one, leave that to the professionals that have the tools and equipment to address the water.  This facility in North Muskegon had a pipe break in their ceiling.  They knew to call SERVPRO of Muskegon right away to minimize the extent of the damage.

Water filled light fixture in kitchen with ceiling collapsed

Water Filled Light Fixture in Muskegon Condo

Living in a condo comes with some perks and some downfalls.  This condo in Muskegon, MI was affected with water damage from the unit above them when their ice maker was leaking.  Our technician thought that the dome on the light fixture was red; after further investigation he found out that it was full of contaminated water!  He safely took the light fixture down as if was an extremely dangerous safety hazard.

Mold growth on cardboard stuck to concrete floor after sewer backup

Sewer Backup in Muskegon Home

Sewer backups should be considered an emergency since the water may contain viruses, bacteria, and other microbes that can cause health effects, but life happens.  This home in Muskegon had a sewer backup that went untouched for almost three weeks.  Wet and damp surfaces are a breeding ground for mold growth.  This photo shows a saturated piece of a cardboard box that was stuck to the concrete floor caked in mold.  Our trained technicians were able to scrape the cardboard off the floor and safely decontaminate the affected area.

Calcium Deposits on Concrete Floor in Norton Shores Business

Calcium Deposits on Concrete Floor in Norton Shores Business

Recently our technicians came across "snow" in the basement of a Norton Shores dental office after a central drain line was clogged.  The "snow" is actually calcium deposits, also known as efflorescence.  It is the result of soluble salts being wicked to the surface of concrete by moisture and when the moisture evaporates, the dried salts remain as a whitish residue.

Technician in full PPE painting with spray gun after treating for mold

Here to Help in any size space!

Good thing our technicians are not afraid of tight spaces!  This Muskegon homeowner was selling their home and the inspector found mold in the attic.  Their realtor told them to call SERVPRO of Muskegon to take care of it quickly and properly. 

Have you stumbled upon mold in your home?  Call SERVPRO of Muskegon to make it "Like it never even happened." 231-733-7601

Male technician on scissor lift cleaning ceiling

Manufacturing Facility Fire in Norton Shores, MI

No height is too high for our technicians!  This manufacturing facility in Norton Shores needed scissor lifts to clean the soot from an air compressor that caught on fire.  Smoke billowed throughout the facility, even reaching 26 feet high to the ceiling.  Our technicians used SERVPRO products Wall and All and Orange Cleaner to get rid of the soot.  We make disasters "Like it never even happened."

Basement demo with air movers following a flood

Basement Flood in Whitehall, MI

When a family member passes away and their house sits empty, make sure to stop by periodically and check on everything.  This home in Whitehall suffered severe water damage from a broken shut off valve in the utility closet.  The water reached 2ft high at one point!  Our team came in, sucked out the remaining water, tore off wood paneling, removed insulation, and set air movers and dehumidifiers to dry everything properly.

Thermal Imaging Camera showing footprints on carpet

Water Damage Technology

Thermal imaging cameras help our technicians see hidden water that the naked eye cannot see. This photo shows a hallway that was walked on with snow covered boots.  Without the thermal camera you would have no idea about the water that is lurking in your carpet.

To make sure that you do not have any hidden water in your home, call SERVPRO of Muskegon, (231) 733-7601.

Multi colored mold on top of arcade game

"Pretty" Mold

Our Crew Chief and technicians come across many different forms and colors of mold.  They were fascinated by all of the different colors on top of this arcade game, calling it the prettiest mold they've seen in awhile!

Have mold in your home?  Call SERVPRO of Muskegon to take care of it properly: 231-733-7601

Mold growth on wood paneling bar in basement

Broken Water Line Damage

When moisture is present, mold has the ability to grow easily and quickly.  This Muskegon, MI homeowner's water line to their kitchen sink had a leak which travelled to the basement through their drop tile ceiling.  This mold on the wood paneling is from six inches of standing water. 

Water Damage or Mold in Your Home?

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Excessive mold on cat feces

Mold Growth Comes In Many Forms

Our Production Manager never knows what he is going to come across when arriving at a business or home.  For this estimate we were called out to a residence in Muskegon, MI for issues of mold after excessive flooding.  While inspecting the basement our Production Manager found Domicile Cup Fungus on walls, and growth from ceiling to floor, including the joists.  While examining a crawl space, he stumbled upon these cat feces with a superabundant amount of mold on them, which he likes to call, "Cat Apples."

If You See Signs of Mold, Call Us Today - (231) 733-7601

Bird found inside of wall

"Ready for whatever happens."

Water damage in finished areas can lead to our technicians having to cut out parts of drywall, depending on how high the water was and how long it was exposed for.  Our Crew Chief was lucky enough to find this deceased bird in the wall of a local school!  They called SERVPRO of Muskegon after their roof started leaking from the heavy rain at the beginning of August.

SERVPRO van full of equipment

High Waters + Flooding = Busy!

High waters and flooding has kept us busy! You're looking at one of our vans packed full of equipment from completed jobs.  52 air movers, 7 dehumidifiers, 2 garbage cans, hepa vac, shop vac, plastic, dehumidifier trays (in case of a leak), brooms, and other tools needed on job sites.

Mushrooms growing on wall in basement

Unnatural Mushrooms

Domicile Cup Fungus growing on your basement wall is unnatural, but common in households with flooding or water damage.  This homeowner had a never ending battle with flooding in the past and needed our help to properly remediate their unwelcome visitors.    

Soot on outside of pole barn after tractor fire. Half done, half undone.

Tractor Fire In Pole Barn

This customer experienced fire damage to their pole barn after their tractor caught fire inside. Most of the damage was interior; however, the outside was also effected when the soot rolled out of the overhead. Luckily, our technicians have the equipment and experience to restore all different types of surfaces. This picture is when half of the exterior had been completed.

Extracting water from wet basement carpet after a flood.

Heavy Rains Cause Water Damage Across Muskegon County

Throughout the last few weeks, our crews have been battling the spring storms. Although this is an annual occurrence, this year has been especially severe. The amount of rain we have gotten mixed with the already high water table have many customers wishing their house didn't have a basement. This customer in Muskegon, MI fell victim to the heavy rain and ended up with 2 inches of water in their lower level. The damage was so severe that carpet, pad, and trim needed to be removed. Along with setting up 25 air movers and 2 dehumidifiers. Water damage is no joke!

Water reflection on the ceiling of a flooded auditorium.

Water Reflection On Ceiling

If you can see the reflection of water on the ceiling of your auditorium, you may have a problem. Luckily, our highly trained technicians have a lot of experience in water damage restoration!

COVID-19 decontamination in a semi-truck.

COVID-19 Decontamination

Throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been called on by numerous business owners and community leaders to perform necessary bio-remediation services to clean, disinfect, and sanitize their property. You can count on us to help protect your employees and customers! 

Sewage in a utility sink.

Sewer Backup In Utility Sink

Sewer backups are a real danger. This Muskegon resident experienced a severe sewer backup that left their utility sink a mess. Sewage often contains a large variety of bacteria, funguses, parasites, and viruses and can cause health issues if not disposed of properly.

Water pouring from basement ceiling.

Water Damage From Broken Faucet

This homeowner in Whitehall, MI experienced extensive water damage when a bathroom faucet broke. Two levels of the home were affected as water made its way to the basement.

Melted "EXIT" sign after a commercial fire.

Melted Contents After Commercial Fire

A restaurant in Muskegon, MI was shut down for an extended period of time after experiencing severe fire damage. The facility was layered with heavy soot damage along with melted contents such as this "EXIT" sign.

Soot on ceiling around air vent.

Smoke & Soot Blown Through HVAC System

Candles have the ability to make quite the mess. This customer's home experienced smoke and soot damage when a candle began to smolder. The smoke was sucked into the HVAC system and blown throughout the home.

Burnt kitchen equipment after restaurant fire.

Restaurant Fire

If you operate a restaurant, the last thing you want to have is a fire. Lost equipment and operation time is a costly matter that can dictate the survival of your business. We make commercial fire damage a priority to get you back up and running. If your business experiences fire damage, call immediately. We have the ability to handle any size loss.

If your business suffers a major loss, call (231) 733-7601.

Visible mold on walls and ceiling.

Water Damage Results In Severe Mold Problem

Anytime moisture is present, mold has the ability to grow easily and quickly. This homeowner had been on vacation for 3 weeks and returned to the upper level of their condo filled with mold. It was discovered that both the upstairs bedroom and bathroom had experienced water damage that sat long enough to create additional problems. If you are in need of water restoration and mold remediation, we can help!

If You See Signs of Mold,
Call Us Today – (231) 733-7601

Charred wood and soot on the floor after a house fire in Muskegon.

Candle Starts House Fire

A house fire can start very quickly and easily. This homeowner in Muskegon, MI experienced fire damage when a candle lighter sparked and set a bedroom ablaze. The homeowner shut the bedroom door before calling 911, which helped contain the damage to the bedroom and hallway. Fire damage restoration is meticulous and should only be performed by professionals. We have the equipment and experience necessary to restore your home or business.

Call Us Today – (231) 733-7601

Stains on light carpet after water damage.

Water Damage & More

Many people are under the assumption that water restoration only consists of extracting standing water and setting up fans. The ins and outs of successful restoration is much more complex. Extracting water, setting up air movers and dehumidifiers, removing beyond repair drywall, seeking out hidden moisture with thermal imaging, and more are just a few things that go into water restoration. When this homeowner's washing machine overflowed, her home experienced serious damage. Not only was nearly the whole main level affected, but the carpet also had multiple stains from contents sitting in the water. Once the water damage itself was restored, we were able to remove the stains from the homeowner's carpet. The process to restoring your home or business can be complex, but we have the ability to make it "Like it never even happened"!

Burnt and melted clothes after a house fire.

Burnt Clothes

A fire is a devastating experience. A huge part of our job here at SERVPRO of Muskegon is helping our customers put their lives back together. If you experience a fire, let us help restore your property "Like it never even happened".

Mold growth on a wall.

Mold On Wall

Mold growth in your home or business is never something that you want to experience. It has the ability to spread rapidly and easily get out of hand. If you discover mold, call us immediately. We can assist in locating the cause of the mold growth and begin the remediation process immediately.

SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Semi Truck.

Disaster Recovery

It is true that we can handle any size job. When it comes to large losses such as extensive storm damage, commercial fires, and more, we got you covered. We have large quantities of equipment and personnel at our disposal to get you back up and running as quickly as possible!

Mold Containment

If mold is present in your facility, it creates serious health concerns. To ensure the safety of the occupants, we set up plastic containments to prevent the spread of spores during the cleaning/mitigation process. 

Flooded Church

When you see the reflection of lights on carpet, you know something is very wrong. This church experienced extensive water damage that left two levels soaked. If you discover your facility filled with water, we are here to help!

Soot Covered Bathroom

Soot from a fire can make most homeowners feel overwhelmed. The cleanup is tedious and can do more harm than good if not done correctly. If you experience fire damage, we can handle the mess!

Soot Web

A fire can produce black spider web looking things called soot webs. Many individuals believe that these are produced by smoke attaching itself to spider webs. In reality, soot webs are produced by soot circulating to a cooler area (the ceiling) in a room and clinging to each other creating a web.

Paint Bubble

Fire and extreme heat can cause some strange things to happen. When this homeowner experienced a fire, the heat caused the paint on the wall to begin to bubble.

Rapid Mold Growth

One thing is certain of mold, it has the ability to grow easily and quickly. This homeowner in Muskegon, MI experienced some flooding that resulted in mold growth when it wasn't dried quick enough. If you experience water damage, it is important to get it resolved as quickly as possible!

Delaminated Carpet

Carpet that is delaminated means that the bonding agent between the primary and secondary backing has failed. This can be the result of a variety of situations, primarily water damage. This homeowner experienced a sump pump failure that resulted in flooding. The carpet remained wet long enough for it to become delaminated. If you experience water damage, time is of the essence!

High Water Table Flooding

Areas with a high water table regularly experience flooding during heavy rains. When this Norton Shores resident's sump pump failed, water began flooding their basement. The flooding was so severe that the homeowner had placed submersible pumps in their backyard to lower the standing water level.

Residential Sink Leak

A sink leak caused this homeowner's hardwood floor, cabinets, and walls to experience significant damage. When it comes to a water loss, time is of the essence. Luckily, we are here to help!

Lightning Strike Causes Soot Damage

Although uncommon, lightning strikes can cause some serious damage. This Muskegon homeowner experienced soot damage when lightning blew out their power boxes and ignited a gas line.

Moisture Meter

When you experience a water loss, it may not be as obvious as you think. Carpet may appear to be dry when in reality, moisture still exists that could result in further damages. Luckily, we have equipment that can detect hidden moisture!

Grill Fire

There are many Muskegon residents who regularly use outdoor grills throughout the summer months. Even though this tends to carry less safety concerns than cooking indoors, bad things can still happen. This homeowner experienced a grease fire in their outdoor grill that resulted in catching their home and garage on fire.

Flooded Marina

With large storms typically comes lots of rain. When the storm drains began backing up, this local marina experienced some flooding. We were able to get the water extracted quickly so that this customer could return to normal operating hours. When time is of the essence, we are a company you can trust!

Soda Blasting Soot

When a vehicle catches fire in a pole barn, the soot damage can be extreme. This barn in Coopersville required some extensive soda blasting to remove the soot that coated the walls and ceiling. Soda blasting is a mild form of abrasive blasting used in a variety of situations. If you are in need of soda blasting, give us a call!

Have Questions? Call Us Today – (231) 733-7601

Commercial Water Loss Emergency

When a water loss happens, time is of the essence. Extensive damage begins to take place and it may leave you feeling helpless. Luckily, we are here to help. Our highly trained crew knows exactly what to do to mitigate your loss and get the restoration process going as quickly as possible. We are a company you can trust.

Large Commercial Water Damage

When a pump line is spewing water, bad things happen. This Muskegon business had 9 rooms that experienced water damage before the problem was resolved. Water can do a large amount of damage in a small amount of time. Luckily, we are a company that you can trust when disaster strikes.

Have Water or Flood Damage?
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Removing Wet Drywall

It is always our goal to restore rather than replace. When a sewer backup effected this homeowner's drywall, we carefully considered what could be dried and what had to be removed. As you can see, the amount of drywall that needed to be removed was reduced as it got further from the source. Our technicians only do what is necessary to effectively restore your property.

Pipe Break Causes Major Water Loss

Nobody wants to receive a phone call while on vacation to learn that a pipe broke in their home. A pipe break that isn't immediately discovered can be devastating. The ceiling began to fall in and the wood floor buckled as the water made its way through the different levels of the home. Water will find the lowest point that it can reach, and this home was an unfortunate example of that.

Have Water or Flood Damage?
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Ice Dam Results In Roof Leak

A West Michigan homeowner experienced an ice dam that resulted in a roof leak. The leak heavily effected the ceiling, walls, and carpet of the home. In order to properly dry the water damage, the drywall had to be removed. Once the structure is fully dried, the drywall is replaced.

PPE For Sewer Backup

It is of utmost importance to ensure the safety of our crew when working on biohazard jobs such as sewer backups. Our employees have the proper training and equipment to handle any mess!

Ceiling Falling In

If a water loss can be contained to one level, that often results in far less damage than a multiple level loss. When water begins seeping through to another floor, the ceiling will begin to fall in creating an additional mess.

Wilted Fan With Mold

Just when you think you have seen it all. This West Michigan homeowner experienced a pipe break that left their house filled with water and high humidity. This water loss resulted in a large amount of damage including this fan that had wilted from the moisture. The humidity in the home was so high that mold began to quickly appear on a variety of surfaces, including the top of the fan blades.

Protective Containment

We take a lot of pride in being a company willing to go above and beyond. When this commercial facility experienced extensive water damage, plaster had to be removed. In order to protect the customer's belongings from dust, our technicians installed plastic containments. This reduced the amount of cleanup required and ensured that there was no further damage done to unaffected contents. 

Faster To Any-Sized Disaster

When your commercial facility experiences water damage, time is of the essence. Often times the number one priority is getting back up and running as quickly as possible. With our 24 hour emergency service, we will come to the rescue in your time of need. Within 24 hours of a water loss, extensive damage begins to take place such as:

  • Drywall begins to swell and break down.
  • Metal surfaces begin to tarnish.
  • Furniture begins to swell and crack.
  • Dyes and inks from cloth and paper goods spread and stain.
  • A musty odor appears.

When disaster strikes, you can count on us.

Warped Wood Ceiling

Moisture and a wood ceiling are not a good combination. When a boiler pipe burst, a mixture of standing water and condensation caused this homeowner's wood ceiling to warp. The ceiling was not salvageable and had to be removed to further dry any remaining moisture.

Condensation On Ceiling

A variety of different things can follow a pipe break. It is not uncommon for condensation to be produced by a pipe carrying hot water. A residential boiler line burst produced condensation all throughout the home, further effecting the drywall and ceiling.

Pipe Burst

As a homeowner, this is never a site that you want to see. The boiler line had burst while the homeowners were out of town, resulting in a large amount of damage. By the time the break was discovered, enough damage had occurred to require extensive demolition of effected drywall and ceiling.

Tree Branch Through Roof

Violent wind storms can bring about severe damages to your home or business. This homeowner experienced a tree branch puncture a hole in their roof. Water began to flow through the hole in the attic resulting in damage to the interior of the home.

Crawl Space Pipe Break

When a pipe breaks in a crawlspace, it isn't as noticeable as a pipe break in a kitchen. That is the case for this West Michigan homeowner. Before the water was shut off, the break had created 3-4 inches of standing water in the crawlspace. Regularly inspect your home, especially during the winter months, to ensure nothing goes unnoticed. If you discover a broken pipe, we are here to help!

Pipe Break In Educational Facility

Commercial facilities experience accidents regularly. The question is whether or not they can handle it in-house. This educational facility experienced a pipe break that flooded a classroom beyond the point of an easy cleanup. If you experience water damage that is too much to handle, call SERVPRO of Muskegon.

Call Us Today – (231) 733-7601

Water Heater Pipe Break Causes Mold

When you think of a pipe break causing mold damage, you typically assume it wasn't dried promptly or correctly. That is not the case for this West Michigan commercial facility. A water heater pipe busted resulting in hot water spewing everywhere. The amount of moisture produced through steam and standing water caused mold to grow very quickly.

Paint Bubbling

Water damage can cause some interesting things to happen. We are often thankful when effected areas are brick or cement since it usually means less damage. Although this room was concrete, the paint began to bubble due to the water and high humidity.

Water Damages Floor

During this season of roof leaks and broken pipes, one thing is certain. Water can and will destroy everything in its path. Hardwood floor will often begin to warp when it experiences water damage. We have the equipment to help prevent you from draining the bank account on new flooring.

Hydroxyl Generator

It is time to showcase a piece of equipment that does not receive as much recognition as it should. This machine is called a Hydroxyl Generator. It is used for deodorizing purposes. This piece of equipment is similar to an Ozone Generator, but different in the sense that it is safe to use in occupied areas. This prevents homeowners and business owners from being displaced while the deodorizing process occurs.

Warping Floorboards

It does not take long for water damage to begin taking a toll on your home or business. This West Michigan homeowner had a pipe break in their kitchen while gone on vacation. The water quickly spread throughout the home resulting in serious damages including warped floorboards. When disaster strikes, time is of the essence.

24 Hour Emergency Service

When inclement weather strikes and harsh temperatures threaten the pipes in your home or business, you may be wondering who will help if something happens. With our 24/7 Emergency Service, we will come to the rescue day or night, cold or warm, wet or dry. When you are in a bind, have no fear... SERVPRO is here.

No Heat? No Problem.

Our technicians often work in "Less Than Ideal" conditions. A homeowner called us in to clean up and pack out a house fire in West Michigan. The fire was caused by an electrical issue and there was no heat in the home. The house was so cold that steam could be seen swirling off the heads of our technicians. 

When disaster strikes, we go the extra mile to help homeowners and business owners during this stressful time. This often means working in extreme conditions. 

Water Damage Detection

Detecting water damage in your home or business can be tricky. If you experienced water damage before but never replaced the effected area, it can be difficult to decipher between old water stains and new water stains. Luckily, we have equipment that makes this possible. As you can see, the temperatures of the new water stains are far less than the temperature of the old water stain.

Melted Mess

When a fire occurs, the damage done to your home or business can seem endless. There are a variety of different damages including soot, smoke damage, water damage, and even melted contents. If your home or business is deemed salvageable, call SERVPRO of Muskegon. We will come to the rescue and ensure you understand every step of the restoration process. 

Holiday Popcorn Delivery

During the holiday season, we like to deliver a little treat to local businesses, chamber's, insurance agencies, educational institutions, and more. We enjoy being the ones to help brighten up somebody's day. 

Fire Destroys Belongings

House fires often result in personal belongings being destroyed. If you experience a fire catastrophe, leave the restoration to us. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are fully aware of the restoration process. Let us be the company that you can trust in your time of need.

Have Questions? Call Us Today – (231) 733-7601

Fire Melted Laptop

A fire does not only effect where you live, but also the things that you own. This Muskegon house fire began in the basement and slowly worked its way up upward charring everything in its path. One of their total loss items is this laptop, which had been so severely effected that the keys began to melt and curl. 

High Humidity Causes Mold

When you experience a water loss in your home or business, it is not uncommon for you to have an increase in humidity. This family was experiencing a leak from their water heater that they were not aware of. They had begun discovering moldy shoes throughout their home and was not sure why. After multiple humidity tests and searching the home using thermal imaging devices, we discovered the water heater leak. This was producing large amounts of humidity that was enough to initiate mold growth. 

If you detect random mold throughout your home or business, it is very likely a water loss is causing it. 

Negative Air Machine

When it comes to water, fire, and mold restoration, it is not uncommon for us to use a negative air machine. These machines suck in contaminated air, scrub it, and then discharge the contaminates through a hose. Here are a list of cases in which we would use a negative air machine:

-Removing musty odors after water damage

-Removing unclean air after a fire

-Removing fire extinguisher particles in the air

-Preventing the spread of airborne mold spores

Roots Cause Sewer Backup

There are numerous different causes for sewer backups; however, a very common one is root intrusion in the pipe. Roots will often enter through joints or gaps between pipes. They feed off the moisture from the sewer pipe and will multiply and expand. This often results in a blockage, causing a sewer backup.

Drying Hardwood Floor

Water can easily seep into hardwood floor causing the wood to warp. Just when you think this may be the demise of that beautiful flooring, we are here to help.

These black mats are laid over the wet flooring and are connected to air hoses that suck the moisture out of the floor. Do not run out to buy new hardwood floor as soon as it experiences water damage. We can help you save that hard earned cash!

Water vs. Ceiling Tiles

This West Michigan business had storm damage that flooded multiple floors of the building. The water seeped through the floor and soaked the ceiling tiles on two different floors. 

SERVPRO of Muskegon responded rapidly and not only dried up the building, but cleaned up the mushy, broken tiles that littered the carpet.  

Hidden Mold On Drywall

Mold will often grow in crooks and crannies that may be hard to locate. This residential mold growth was taking place on the drywall behind a water heater. If you are experiencing a mold problem, call SERVPRO of Muskegon immediately. We always put your health and safety first.

If You See Signs of Mold, 
Call Us Today – (231) 733-7601

Roof Leak Containment

A roof leak can easily turn into a much larger problem. That is the case for this family in Spring Lake, MI. The needed repairs to the roof were costing large amounts of money in wasted heat. Our technicians finished the water restoration and then went the extra mile by setting up a containment to help keep the heat in the home until spring time. That is the SERVPRO difference. 

Soup For All

We take pride in the ability to serve our community in a variety of ways. This year, we were a "Pot Full Patron" of the Soup For All fundraiser. This fundraiser is designed to raise funds and increase awareness for homelessness throughout the Grand Haven area. 

Sewer Backups

Sewer Backups can make a huge mess in your home or business. They result in bio-hazard situations and water damage that can lead to mold issues. When disaster strikes, call a company that you can count on. We have dealt with numerous sewer backups ranging in severity. We have the experience, skills, and equipment necessary to make it "Like it never even happened." 

CE Courses

CE stands for "Continuing Education." Twice a year, we host a CE course educating insurance agents on different types of restoration (Mold, Water, Fire, etc.). This deepens their knowledge and aids them in filing claims. Licensed agents need to have 24 CE credits over the course of 2 years in order to retain their license. Credits are based on how long the CE course is (4 hour course=4 CE credits). These classes are offered to our insurance agents for free and serve as a great learning opportunity. 

Grease Fires

Cooking is the leading cause of house fires by a wide margin according to Using grease tends to make cooking even more dangerous. If you experience a grease fire, there are two main ways to resolve the situation. The first is to take away the oxygen. The only way fire can continue to burn is if it has access to oxygen. If you put a lid on the pot or pan that is on fire, the fire will begin to die. The second is to remove the heat source. This means to either move the pot or pan to an unlit burner or turn the burner off. DO NOT, under ANY circumstance, attempt to put the fire out using water. This picture demonstrates what a small grease fire can evolve to when water is used to extinguish. 

Fire Prevention Open Houses

Each year, we participate in a variety of Fire Prevention Open Houses throughout the West Michigan area. These events inform and educate members of the community on what they can do to prevent fires and protect their families. They are also great learning opportunities for both children and adults. We attend them to encourage fire prevention education as well as inform individuals of our services. We provide people with a sense of support if any disaster were to happen to their home or business. They are then ensured that a premiere restoration company has their back. 


When it comes to mold remediation, a containment of the exposed area is required to prevent the spread of the mold spores. Mold can effect everybody different depending on health conditions and reactions. Some individuals can have asthma attacks or worse with a small mold presence. Since mold can raise major health concerns, it is not something that we take lightly. That is what sets SERVPRO of Muskegon apart. Our technicians are highly trained in mold remediation and containment, ensuring you nothing short of the highest quality of service. 

Storm Damage in Muskegon, MI

Storms can strike at any time without much warning. When they do, the aftermath can be nothing short of costly. This business had multiple offices fill with water and knew to call SERVPRO immediately. When disaster strikes, we'll be there!

Commercial Business Interruption from Water Damage

Anytime your Business is interrupted with a Loss, whether it be from an ice maker water line like the loss pictured OR inclement weather that brings Wind, Rain and Flooding, you feel like there is a personal storm raging. The hours spent dealing with a loss means less productivity and loss of revenue. SERVPRO of Muskegon is #Heretohelp

Call Us Today (231) 733-7601

MOLD Found in Utility Closet after Water Heater Leak

This is a residential home that had a water heater recently replaced in a finished utility closet. During installation, the water heater had a small leak. The water damage was not dried properly resulting in MOLD REMEDIATION SERVICES. SERVPRO of Muskegon was onsite to evaluate the loss and put a protocol together to remediate the mold. Helping to make it "Like it never even happened."

Latest Technology

Equipment and Technology are ever-changing tools that our technicians use which allows them to restore a property to preloss condition effectively and quickly while documenting before, during and after pictures, daily notes and progress reports, etc. Whether it's a small office suite or a multiple story High-Rise, we are here to help. 

Call SERVPRO of Muskegon 231-733-7601 for all your Cleanup and Restoration needs.

Fire Damage Causing a Thick Layer of Soot on Every Flat Surface

When a fire damage happens, we recommended that you limit the foot traffic in the home to prevent soot particles from being transferred to areas of the home not effected with soot damage. This also helps prevent particles from embedded in the carpet. The use of clean towels or old linens on high traffic areas is very helpful as well.

Call SERVPRO of Muskegon (231) 733-7601

Bathroom Counter Covered in a Layer of Soot

The soot damage in shown in this bathroom was caused by faulty wiring in a dehumidifier. The wiring smoldered filling the home with black smoke leaving behind a thick layer of soot on every flat surface. To protect the chrome fixture in this bathroom, it's recommended that you clean and apply a light coat of petroleum jelly or oil. Call SERVPRO of Muskegon 231-733-7601. We are always Here to Help.

Soot Damage Dining Room Table

At first glance you might not see anything wrong with this picture, until you notice the light brown circle in the middle of the table. That's the original color of wood before a fire smoldered causing major soot damage in this home. Every flat surface was covered in soot. SERVPRO of Muskegon was here to help in a matter of hours to mitigate the damages, meet with the adjuster and come up with a plan of action to help make this loss "Like it never even happened".

Unmistakable MOLD

Regardless of the "type" of MOLD you discover in your home or business, use caution. Many mold types cause irritation or allergens. Do not disturb or touch the MOLD. The best thing to do is contact SERVPRO of Muskegon 231-733-7601 and stay out of the area where MOLD is present. 

Commercial Construction Project

When an unexpected Water Damage delays a major commercial project, SERVPRO of Muskegon responded immediately to mitigate the damages to ensure the project gets back up and moving forward in a timely manner. SERVPRO of Muskegon has the training, experience and equipment to handle any size Water Loss.

Commercial Water Damage or Flooding? Call Us Today (231) 733-7601

Sump Pump Failure Due to Excessive Rainfall in February

This family experienced a Sump Pump Failure during heavy rainfall in February. The finished family room with carpet, drywall and trim at one time had 5 inches of standing water. 

Ceiling Fell in After Water Damages Home

This is a picture of a garage ceiling that has fallen in due to a water damage in the home. You can see drywall and insulation hanging from the ceiling as well as puddles of water on the concrete. 

Refrigerator Water Line Leak causing Hardwood Floor Damage

During the night, the refrigerator line to the ice maker broke causing damage to the hardwood flooring in this home. You can see water marks and warping between each plank from the water being absorbed into the wood. 

Jeremy Hoekwater Celebrates 20 Yrs of Excellent Service

Jeremy Hoekwater started with SERVPRO of Muskegon as a 20 Yr Old Kid on our Production Crew immediately showing Leadership Skills that moved him into the role as Operations Manager 5 short years later Running the Company! Jeremy is Certified in ALL Areas (Mold, Fire, Water, Sewer, Biohazard, etc) and is active in Every Aspect of the Company. Thank you, Jeremy, for 20 YRS of Excellent Service! You are appreciated beyond words!

Soot Damage Caused by Dehumidifier Malfunction

The dehumidifier that was hard wired into this home malfunctioned pushing soot thru the duct work completely covering every flat surface of this three story vacation home. SERVPRO of Muskegon Professionals were able to inventory and pack out the contents, complete the content cleaning off-site and restore the structure. 

Foam Used in Residential Fire

This residential fire started from a dryer malfunction in the basement level of the home. As you can see in the photo, the local fire department used foam to suppress the fire which left about 2" of foam/water in the lower level. SERVPRO of Muskegon Professionals were able to restore the home damages caused by the fire and water.

Desiccant Dehumidifier Used at a Commercial Water Loss

When a water damage happens in your commercial property, you can count on SERVPRO of Muskegon to have the manpower and resources available to help. This is a large commercial water loss in the offices of a manufacturing company. We used a desiccant dehumidifier to remove the humidity from the air.  

Unexpected Storm during Holidays

No matter what time of year it is, when storms hit West Michigan, it's unexpected and devastating to businesses and homeowners alike. At SERVPRO of Muskegon, we are always ready to help no matter what size loss it is. We work with homes that have one or two rooms effected to condos in a 7 story tower. No job is too small or TOO LARGE for SERVPRO of Muskegon to handle.  Emergency services are available 365 days a year 24 hours a day. Call SERVPRO of Muskegon for all your restoration and cleaning needs. 

Equipment for ANY Size Job during Storms

Storms that move thru West Michigan cause major damage to structures of all sizes. The equipment shown was taken in a 7 story condo structure located right off the Lake. The storm caused pipes to freeze in the 7th floor condo flooding all 7 floors. SERVPRO of Muskegon can handle your loss no matter what size it is. We have the equipment accessible to get the job done without delay.  

Commercial Restoration

Whether your commercial property has a small water leak, major fire damage or need mold remediation services, SERVPRO of Muskegon is ready to make you our priority. We are available 24 hours a day to get your Muskegon County business back up and running.

Fire in an Industrial Structure

SERVPRO of Muskegon can respond immediately to your commercial fire damage emergency regardless of the size or scope of the damage. We have the training, experience, and equipment to handle large commercial losses such as the fire loss shown in the picture. 

Fire in a Commercial Building

This picture shows SERVPRO technicians on lifts cleaning soot off of the 23 foot high ceilings after a fire loss inside this commercial property. SERVPRO of Muskegon has the training, experience, and equipment to handle large commercial fire damage emergencies.

Raw Sewage Inside Office Space

Looking at this picture, you might think this looks like MUD but it's NOT.  It is RAW SEWAGE. Imagine this contamination in your office space. This water is grossly unsanitary so avoid direct contact. Special training and equipment is necessary to safely clean this type of contamination. 

Sewage Backup or Toilet Overflow? Call Us Today – (231) 733-7601

DPW Lift Station Sewer Back Up

The Lift Station in this Department of Public Works facility went out filling the garage (as shown in this picture) and main offices with raw sewage. The water is grossly unsanitary and may contain bacteria and viruses that could cause serious illness. Special training and equipment is necessary to safely clean this type of contamination. Sewage backup should be considered an emergency and dealt with as quickly as possible. Call SERVPRO of Muskegon if you have experienced any size SEWER Back-Up.

Mold Demo in a Residential Home

This is a residential home covered from top to bottom in mold. The home had been closed up for an undisclosed amount of time. Our technicians wore Personal Protection Equipment while working at this property at all times. This picture shows the technicians in the tear out state of the job. If this looks familiar, call SERVPRO of Muskegon & Holland/W. Ottawa Co. 231-733-7601/616-396-8180

Wood Floor Drying Mats

This residential home had a water loss effecting the hardwood floors in their kitchen. Using the Wood Floor Drying Mat system, we were able to remove the moisture from the hardwood floors. The homeowners were happy with the results of the drying mats and relieved that the floors did not have to be replaced.

Ice Formation Outside Window of Residential Home

Ice formations from the window down the side of this home was an indication that something was wrong at this seasonal home. Snow covering the vent to the furnace caused this home to lose heat resulting in frozen pipes and hundreds of gallons filling the home.  SERVPRO was on-site quickly to assess damages working to make it "Like it never even happened". 

Burst Pipes in Residential Home in the Dead of Winter

This seasonal home lost heat during the dead of winter causing pipes to freeze and burst flooding the home with thousands of gallons of water.  Temperatures reaching below 32 degrees freezing the flowing water putting a layer of ice over everywhere the water traveled.  This pic is of a bed where you see inches of ice over the comforter, mattress, bed post and floor. We were able to get onsite once heat was restored to start the mitigation process working to make it "Like it never even happened".

Tree Branches Puncture Residential Roof during Storm

This was the effects of Tree Branches that punctured holes thru a residential roof.  You can see the holes in the drywall and the water marks from the storm. That's the water you see. What about the WATER YOU DON'T SEE in the attic, insulation, walls, etc. We were able to get on site shortly after the trees were removed to start the water remediation quickly to reduce damages and help make it "Like it never even happened". 

Ground Water & Mud Flooded into Residential Home after Storm

This is the aftermath of a residential home that had water and mud flood into the basement thru an entryway door after heavy rains swept thru West Michigan. We were able to react quickly to help minimize the damages and get the mud and water extracted and start the drying process helping to make it "Like it never even happened". 

Mold in a residential home

The mold growth you see in this picture is from a finished basement in a residential home. The food source for this mold was high humidity levels and lack of ventilation. If you notice MOLD in your home, do not disturb the area, call SERVPRO of Muskegon & Holland/W. Ottawa Co. 231-733-7601/616-396-8180 for an estimate today!

Mushrooms Growing from the Couch

This summer home was not winterized properly and unsupervised during a harsh winter here in West Michigan. Pipes in the home froze and burst filling the home with thousands of gallons of water over an undisclosed amount of time. The loss was not discovered until spring.  Mushrooms were found growing from the couch located inside the home. If your home has been effected with a water loss, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Muskegon & Holland/W. Ottawa Co. 231-733-7601/616-396-8180 and we will help to make it "Like it never even happened".

SERVPRO Equipment

Pictured here is a small portion of the equipment SERVPRO has on hand at all times to handle any size loss. From desiccant dehumidifiers to wood floor drying systems, SERVPRO has what it takes to handle your loss and help to make it "Like It Never Even Happened"!

SERVPRO Fleet/Uniforms

When calling on SERVPRO for services, rest assure when the estimator or crew arrives on site, no matter what time of day, they will ALWAYS be in a SERVPRO uniform and be driving in a SERVPRO marked vehicles for your peace of mind. (Pic includes one of our newest additions before its "makeover"!)

Desiccant Dehumidifier with Generator used in a large Commercial Water Loss

This Trailer Mounted Desiccant Dehumidifier with Generator was used in a large Commercial Water Loss Muskegon MI. Having this piece of equipment available allows us to handle Any Size Loss. 

Mold Containment in a Commercial Building

This mold remediation containment was used in a commercial building where mold remediation services were being performed. The purpose of the containment during the remediation process is to help limit the spread mold to uncontaminated areas.

Our Truck is Fully Equipped to Handle the next Water or Sewer Damage Call!

Whether you have a WATER, SEWER, FIRE or MOLD DAMAGE, our crews are on call 24/7 to respond. Trucks are fully equipped with what they will need to make it "Like it never even happened".